You are currently viewing Red carpet Met Gala 2021 iconic celebrity makeup looks/ Hot eyeshadows looks

Red carpet Met Gala 2021 iconic celebrity makeup looks/ Hot eyeshadows looks

How does your favorite iconic celebrity wear makeup for big occasions like the MET GALA 2021 Red Carpet? Their eye makeup and eyeshadows always get the most attention from the fans.

We have created rich content, sings about everything you love to know about MET GALA celebrities.

Several A-list style stars hit the red carpet on September 13, 2021, to benefit the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and celebrate the show In America: A Lexicon of Fashion at the Met. Show One is the first of a two-part project on the power of American fashion. Show Two will occur in early 2022, pandemic permitting.

This year, the Met Gala was postponed due to COVID-19, which coincided with the beginning of fashion month, raising the stakes for the red carpet. 

From flashy outfits adorned with stars to more discrete expressions of Americana, the celebrity guests embodied the Americana theme. 

Here is a gallery of every Met Gala look from 2021.

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1: Lorde

Love you, Lord, what an elegant and simple look you always display. “Royals” singer dressed in a unique outfit designed by handcrafted clothing brand Bode for the event. The jacket Lorde wore was white, with bright beads etched on it. In addition to the dress, there was a short train attached to it. Lorde, on the other hand, made a statement by wearing a stunning headpiece!

Look at the light-colored lipstick and light pink eyeshadow suits to her blue eyes. Stunning natural beauty all around.

Lord explained that she created her outfit using refurbished antiques from Bode. Similarly, she told KeKe that the starry event felt like a more authentic American experience. It’s really cool to be able to see so many beautiful people going through it.

Cameron Rains styled her curls for Matrix, she wore a dramatic crown, and pro-Amber D applied the makeup. 

2: Keke Palmer

The events are mostly dominated by smoky eyelids.

After winning an Emmy for her web series, Turnt Up With the Taylors, on Sunday, Palmer hosted the Met’s live stream the very next day, interviewing every celebrity who made their way up the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and making it all look easy. Palmer’s energy and wit added to the night’s lighthearted vibe, and like a true professional, she took the gig seriously. 

Diana Ross, whose flawless onstage costume set the fashion trend for the 1960s and 1970s, was Palmer’s inspiration for the evening. 

3: Iman

With a feather headdress and super smoky lids. As we know smoky eyeshadow always suits the golden outfit.

She walked the red carpet wearing a custom brocade bustier and trousers paired with a tiered gown.

Wearing gilded feather cage overskirt and bespoke matching headpiece designed in a collaboration between Dolce & Gabbana and British-American designer Harris Reed.

 Featuring dramatic proportions, jaw-dropping accessories, and a dramatic silhouette, the look was pure red carpet gold.

Although Iman has officially retired from the fashion industry, her future plans were revealed to Harper’s Bazaar in January. I haven’t given up yet!” she replied. “I am Somali, which means I am naturally nomadic. We are always in motion. As soon as life returns to normal, I’ll start traveling again.”

4: Naomi Osaka

With a hot pink eye shadow and wild sculpted hairstyle. Arrived with a unique look.

Naomi told red-carpet host Keke Palmer that she ultimately wanted something that reflected her roots, enlisting Nicolas Ghesquière and her sister, artist, and designer Mari Osaka, to design her outfit.

 Red obi belts were reminiscent of Japan, while bold colors brought to mind Jamaica, where her ancestors lived. To match the vibrant colors of her outfit, she wore vibrant red-pink eyeshadow and a braided updo with sparkling stones.

Naomi Osaka honors her heritage whenever she can-and she did not disappoint at the Met Gala red carpet tonight. Her ensemble was an expression of her American identity, fitting with the evening’s theme through her own lens.

5: Nicola Peltz

A sleek blowout and cat-eye liner complete the look.

A beautiful fuchsia dress signed by Valentino. This print features thin straps, a train, and transparencies that play with more intense tones in more intense hues to create a lovely effect. 

The chest area especially favors the young woman who has posed with her partner, Brooklyn Beckham.

As well as the dress, the long pale pink gloves are a tribute to the Hollywood muses who marked the success of the main factory of the seventh art last century. Furthermore, the straight hair and the stunning earrings have been great allies.

6: Emma Chamberlain

Kelsey Deenihan used Byredo makeup to create center-parted, slicked-back locks and jewel-toned lids. 

She wore a Louis Vuitton dress on the red carpet. Two diamonds formed the top, which was attached to a miniskirt with a square train. The megawatt dress has been Chamberlain’s best friend for the past 48 hours. 

Chamberlain showed no signs of nervousness despite attending one of the most-watched events of the year. “I’m just not frightened,” she says. “I feel calm, cool, and collected about it.” 

The ’70s-inspired graphic eyeliner moment was created exclusively with Byredo Makeup by celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan. 

Afterward, she used a black tourmaline face primer by Colleen Rothschild Beauty and applied the brand’s Sheer Renewal Cream. Her next task was to create Chamberlain’s statement glam.