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How To Apply Under Eye Concealer For Mature Skin

Yes, apply concealer more carefully on mature skin because of wrinkles and fine lines under the eye. A concealer is an essential part of many makeup routines. When used correctly, it can hide blemishes, dark circles, age spots, and discoloration. Concealer that is great for mature skin is radiant, long-lasting, and won’t settle into wrinkles.

A lot of women stop wearing makeup when their faces become puffy, have eye bags, or wrinkles. Here are some tips and tricks for using concealer to enhance your under-eye area, instead of making you look older.

Containers conceal things we don’t want others to see. You may also need to choose a concealer based on the concealer you choose and the location of your skin. There are also different products and processes to use when it comes to concealer under the eyes. Well apply it carefully for mature skin because 

First of all, exfoliate

The skin under the eye can become saggy, creased, and discolored as we age and the right concealer is the perfect solution to hide them. A lot of people agree that wrinkles and discoloration can occur under the eyes with age.

You must start with a clean, fresh face before you apply concealer. The best way to keep your skin smooth is to double-cleanse and exfoliate.Dove Exfoliating before applying concealer for over 60

You can avoid clogged pores and makeup that tugs at your skin by exfoliating first. Additionally, it helps to even out your skin tone, ensuring a more flawless, airbrushed appearance. 

Make sure you wash your face gently with a classic face wash or scrub before you exfoliate. We highly recommend Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal a gorgeous, radiant complexion.

Must hydrate your skin before applying concealer on mature skin 

After exfoliating, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Those with dry skin should look for moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamin E. must hydrate your skin before applying concealer on mature skin

Those with oily skin or breakout-prone skin should opt for a non-comedogenic, oil-free formula or one with a matte finish.

Rather than chemical sun protection, those with delicate skin should use mineral sunscreens or products that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Due to a slowdown in oil production, aging skin tends to become drier. Make sure you choose cream or liquid concealer with formulas that hydrate and illuminate your skin instead of powder products that may accentuate dryness.

Powder foundation can dull the skin, and settle into fine lines, resulting in splotches and uneven skin tone.

Applying a face primer is a good step

Make sure your makeup stays in place all day by prepping your skin with a face primer that will grip your makeup. 

The right primer will keep your foundation and concealer in place, no matter what the weather is like

Now it’s up to you whether to apply concealer or foundation first. Concealer can be applied before foundation, but most makeup artists recommend applying concealer afterward to avoid looking cakey and crease-prone. Before you apply your foundation, apply your face makeup first to get a smooth, blendable foundation.

Put a small amount of concealer under your eyes in an inverted triangle.Put a small amount of concealer under your eyes in an inverted triangle.

Using a specialized concealer under the eyes will make this step easier. If you draw two upside-down triangles underneath your eyes, rather than swipe the concealer directly beneath your eyes, your entire face will be illuminated. 

The reason why? You’re really just emphasizing the area when you apply concealer near your lash line. And if your main goal is to cover up dark circles, emphasizing your eye area is the last thing you want to do.

You can use your ring finger or a concealer brush to blend and dab the concealer on the inverted triangles once you have selected your concealer. 

Avoid smearing or dragging the concealer-this will result in creases and caking. 

Spot-apply on any blemishes

how to apply under eye concealer for mature eyes

For concealer application, use your ring finger because it is the weakest one, so you won’t risk harming your delicate eye area by applying too much pressure.

Better to use a concealer that offers full coverage and will not smudge or fade throughout the day to cover up blemishes and dark spots. You can also use a green concealer to reduce the redness that is often accompanied by breakouts (read more about color correcting concealer in our guide to color correcting concealer). 

Use your ring finger or concealer brush to apply concealer to the pimple, and blend until the dark spot is no longer visible.

Apply around the nose and on any red spots.

If you have red spots around your nose, dab concealer nearby instead of dragging it. Using your ring finger, dab the concealer in place and blend, concentrating on the crease around your nose. Then, using a damp makeup sponge, dip it in loose powder and blend for a lasting finish.

Add powder to set. that’s It

Setting powder not only locks in your look but also prevents your concealer from creasing. When you are satisfied with the amount of coverage you have created with your concealer, you can apply powder to seal it in. Spray a makeup setting spray over your face once you’ve locked in your look and removed excess powder.

various concealers types you need to know 

Solid Cream Stick Concealers

Solid Stick Concealer for over 60 for applying under eye

Despite their difficulty in blending, solid cream stick concealers give full coverage and are useful for touch-ups during the day. Solid cream stick concealers usually treat lesions and discolorations. You can use them to conceal under-eye circles, but make sure they are creamy enough to mix and don’t sit in and emphasize fine lines on mature skin.

Pot Concealer

pot concealer

Concealers made with pots provide similar coverage as stick concealers, but they tend to be softer and less thick, making them ideal for under the eyes. Makeup artists most often use this product due to its coverage.

Tube Concealer

tube concealer

For older skin, tube concealer has a creamier texture that is lighter and less prone to collecting in fine wrinkles. It can be blended with foundation and moisturizer to create a much sheerer product, making it one of the most versatile concealers. Because it’s so easy to mix, it’s perfect for under the eyes.

Wand Concealers

With their light texture, concealers with a wand are perfect for an evening out skin tone. They provide a more dense coverage than foundation and are easier to apply. It adheres to the skin and lasts longer if it dries to a powder finish since it dries to a powder finish.

Pencil Concealers

pencil concealer to apply under eye on mature skin

A concealer pencil conceals flaws such as broken capillaries and pimples, as well as uneven lip lines.

Face pimples and blemishes can easily be concealed with oil-free compact formulas. In addition, they tend to have a longer-lasting, drier feel that won’t aggravate breakouts. Furthermore, they are effective at concealing age spots and hyperpigmentation.

In contrast to coverage, highlight reflecting products assist in concealing imperfections. They feature light-reflecting properties that refract light to diminish dark spots, such as wrinkles and bags.

In applying the best concealer for dark circles, they help to brighten the area and make it less noticeable. Use them sparingly, however