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Most Beautiful Eyes Color In The World – Celebrity Blue Green Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes and green eyes are among the most beautiful eyes color in the world. This is especially true for green eyes combined with dark hair. The same goes for blue eyes combined with dark hair.

One of the main defining characteristics of a person is their eyes, and many people become smitten with them. It could be the color of eyes, or perhaps it has an incredibly striking hue. Whatever the reason, eyes will be known for being attractive and special. Eyes can reveal a lot about a person, and reveal the thoughts and feelings of a person. If we consider characteristics beautiful eyes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are blue they are green they are big they are maybe deep and bright. Let’s discuss the most beautiful eyes color in the world.

Almond Color Eyes

Almond eyes are considered a highly desired eye shape. Due to their pretty curvature and exotic appearance, almond eyes are full of observation, looking with intent and taking in the details of the moment. Almond eyes are like an almond sat on its side, with a larger and rounder outer portion and a narrower inner corner.

Celebrities with Almond Eyes

  1. Beyonce
  2. Mila Kunis
  3. Rihanna
  4. Kate Winslet
  5. Scarlett Johanson
  6. Gwen Stefani
  7. Minka Kelly
  8. Jessica Alba
  9. Anne Hathaway
  10. Zoe Saldana
  11. Olivia Wilde, Eva Longoria
  12. Leighton Meester
  13. Kerry Washington
  14. Kim Kardashian
  15. Katherine Heigl

Green Color eyes

Green eyes are considered sexy, alluring, and mysterious. Only 2% of people in the world have green eyes, making them one of the most beautiful and rarest. Green eyes are caused by a genetic mutation that causes low levels of melanin, but more melanin than blue eyes. People with green eyes normally exhibit a variety of personality traits: intelligence, passion, mysteriousness, creativity, jealousy, and great leadership.

Celebrities with Green Eyes

  1. Adele 
  2. Adrien Brody 
  3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 
  4. Alexandra Paul 
  5. Alex Pettyfer 
  6. Alicia Silverstone 
  7. Alida Valli 
  8. Amanda Bynes 
  9. Antonia Thomas 
  10. Ava Gardner 
  11. Benicio Del Toro 
  12. Ben Whishaw 
  13. Brooke Shields 
  14. Bruce Willis 
  15. David Beckham

Dark Blue Eyes

Dark blue eyes are most unusual and simply beautiful to look at. Having blue eyes is a rare and attractive feature. On average, most people consider people with blue eyes to be more attractive than people with brown or hazel eyes.

PEIMAG writes

 “Whether it is natural or if the many Hollywood productions involving blue-eyed actors had something to do with this, we do not know? What we do know is people with blue eyes are generally considered more attractive than people with dark coloured eyes.”

Those with blue eyes have calm and peaceful personalities and are often seen as wise and knowledgeable. 

Blue eyes are beautiful but when it comes to make up it’s tricky. Check out this guide for Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes.

Celebrities with Blue Eyes

  1. Henry Cavil
  2. Megan Fox
  3. Alexis Bledel
  4. Emma Stone
  5. Alice Eve
  6. Paul Walker
  7. Jared Leto
  8. Ryan Gosling
  9. Chase Crawford
  10. Jake Gyllenhaal
  11. Daniel Radcliffe
  12. Chris Hemsworth
  13. Liam Hemsworth
  14. Bradley Cooper
  15. Logan Lerman

Deep Brown Eyes


The most common eye color in the world is brown, with nearly 55% of the population having brown eyes. But that doesn’t make them any less special deep brown eyes are the most alluring thing. Light reflects off of them constantly, and sometimes they look amber or have honey tones in the sun. People with brown eyes are said to be independent, determined, and self-confident. Brown eyes are also less sensitive to light so for people with brown eyes it’s easier to be in brighter light on sunny days. And brown eyes can pull off any shade of eyeshadow.

Brown eyes are ideal for make up you can apply many styles and looks on them. If you looking for different looks for your eyes we have collected list of Best Eyeshadow Palette For Brown Eyes.

Celebrities with Brown Eyes

  1. Julia Roberts 
  2. Winona Ryder 
  3. Zoe Saldana
  4. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  5. Halle Berry 
  6. Emma Watson
  7. Audrey Hepburn 
  8. Franka Potente 
  9. Heidi Klum 
  10. Sofía Vergara
  11. Britney Spears
  12. Johnny Depp 
  13. Ralph Macchio 
  14. Taylor Lautner 
  15. Jaden Smith 
  16. Ian Nelson 
  17. Will Smith
  18. Keanu Reeves
  19. Jackie Chan
  20. Mia Wasikowska

Slate gray color eyes

Gray eyes are rare and stunning. The intense depth and preciousness of gray eyes are irresistible. People with gray eyes may also notice that the color of their eyes changes depending on what color clothing they are wearing or how bright the environment is. It’s even possible that the color of their eyes fluctuates with their mood, as emotions can change the size of their pupils, compressing their iris colors, making them appear to change color temporarily.

Celebrities with Gray Eyes

  1. Pink
  2. Joanna Noëlle
  3. Heather Joan Graham
  4. Jai Courtney
  5. Debbie Reynolds
  6. Bray Wyatt
  7. Gregory Gianforte
  8. Glenn Jacobs
  9. Prince Andrew
  10. Jesse Larson
  11. Taylor swift

Multi-colored eyes

Calling All Cavillians — Henry's eyes are so gorgeous. He has sectoral...

It’s impossible not to stare at someone who has multicolored eyes. They are stunning! This is called central heterochromia and is extremely rare. In case you are unfamiliar, it is when the inner ring of the iris (the colored portion of the eye next to the pupil) is a different color than the outer ring of the iris. Usually, central heterochromia isn’t genetic, but it can occur randomly. 

Sharbat Gula, the subject of Steve McCurry’s 1984 National Geographic photo “Afghan Girl,” likely had this unique eye color. 

Woman on National Geographic Cover, Until Recently a Refugee, Is Finally  Welcomed Home

Celebrities with Heterochromia

  1. Kate Bosworth
  2. Mila Kunis
  3. Jane Seymour
  4. Alice Eve
  5. Olivia Wilde
  6. Demi Moore
  7. Dominic Sherwood
  8. Benedict Cumberbatch
  9. Henry Cavil

Hazel color eyes

One of the most mysterious eye colors, hazel eyes are as unique as they are beautiful. Irises on Hazel’s eyes are a mix of brown, yellow, green, and blue. Hazel’s eyes are all about melanin. The pigment called melanin determines our eye color as well as our skin color. People with a fair amount of melanin tend to have hazel eyes. Hazel’s eyes change color due to different factors such as the color of objects in a room and due to light that is filtering into the iris. This color shift is also dependent on how much melanin is in the iris. When a person with hazel eyes with minimal melanin in their eyes wears a green dress, their eyes will appear greener. If someone with hazel eyes and large amounts of melanin is wearing a brown dress, their eyes will appear darker.

You can notice this color shift in different pictures of Tyra Banks. Sometimes they look green and sometimes they give different shades. People often confuse hazel eyes with brown and green eyes. The best way to tell the difference between the two is to go outside in natural light and examine your eyes closed.

Celebrities with Hazel Eyes

  1. Tyra Banks 
  2. Emma Roberts 
  3. Alexa PenaVega 
  4. Ashley Greene 
  5. Hayden Panettiere 
  6. Rachel McAdams 
  7. Phoebe Tonkin 
  8. Jason Statham 
  9. Shad Moss 
  10. Heidi Klum
  11. Sasha Grey 
  12. Kelly Clarkson 
  13. Zendaya 
  14. Zachary Levi
  15. Nikki Reed

Big And Bold Eyes

What Female Celebrity Do You Look Like? | Beauty, Amanda seyfried, Beautiful eyes

Well, not only color but eye size also matters. Clear, large eyes are an attractive feature. Because large eyes make a person appear more youthful, and appealing. People with big eyes can attract others easily. They are more expressive and are easily noticed both in pics and in real life. Large, bright-eyed gazes are both enchanting and stunning. When it comes to makeup, big eyes have more room to create stunning eye makeup.

Celebrities with Big And Bold Eyes

  1. Amanda Seyfried 
  2. Riki Lindhome
  3. Dreama Walker 
  4. Christina Ricci 
  5. Nora Zehetner 
  6. Rachel Bilson 
  7. Krysten Ritter 
  8. Mena Suvari 
  9. Clare Kramer 
  10. Selena Gomez 
  11. Lucy Hale 
  12. Chloë Grace Moretz 
  13. Anna Kendric

In Short

Green and hazel eyes are rarer and considered the most beautiful eyes color in the world. Many people prefer them because they seem majestic. Numerous people like blue eyes because they evoke images of the sky, ocean, etc. Because no one can agree on what is truly beautiful, brown, grey, and other colors are equally beautiful. The beauty of eyes probably makes a lot of celebrities successful and well known.