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How To Buy The Right Concealer For The First Time

Whether you buy the concealer online or in a mall for the first time, pay extra attention to the right one. Concealer is the most significant part of our beauty routine, however, it gets the least amount of recognition until it looks really bad under our eyes. We all have made this mistake, and 99% of the time it goes wrong when you wear the wrong shade of concealer for your skin tone.

Whether you have dark circles or blemishes to conceal, concealers can be extremely helpful. However, choosing the right one can be difficult. How can you match your skin tone? How about a lighter shade? Which brand or formulation should you choose? And what if your concealer doesn’t completely conceal everything? 

How to choose the right concealer for you and how to use it once you’ve found the perfect match. All these pro tips will make it easier for you to pick the best one.

Things to Remember Before Buying any Beauty Product

Nowadays, consumers are better informed before they purchase beauty products, as they have become more aware and well informed.

While buying a makeup product, think about all of its aspects, including how to apply it and how to use it. It is important to choose cosmetics carefully, taking into account many factors including the storage problem and how it might look on you.

Whether you choose to buy it online or in a beauty store, there are a few things you should consider before you buy. 

i. What’s in the Products 

It’s often considered better for health-conscious consumers to buy natural products because they are less harmful, especially for people who have sensitive skin. There are no toxic ingredients in natural products.

You should know the ingredients of your skincare products since a significant amount of what you apply to the skin can enter your bloodstream. Because of this, we must know what we are putting on our skin.

ii. Know what skin type you have

Whenever choosing a product, make sure it is suitable for your skin type. If you use makeup products that are not suitable for your skin type, you may experience skin allergies or rashes. Always choose makeup products that match your skin type.

Skin is the most important factor in determining what skincare products will work best for you.

According to cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, MD

“There are no bad products necessarily, but sometimes people with different skin types use the wrong product for their type of skin,” 

iii. Observe The Fragrance 

How many of you check the fragrance while purchasing a makeup product? Whenever possible, avoid cosmetics with sweet or strong fragrances, since this indicates that chemical ingredients have been used in the formulation. The effectiveness and higher quality of cosmetics without fragrance and artificial color may be much better than those with artificial fragrance.

How to choose or buy a Right concealer for the first time

First things, let’s talk about the basics. The concealer you choose depends highly on your skin type and concerns. Before you shop for concealer, make sure you know what you need.

a: The salesperson’s opinion is important, but you should only buy when it’s perfect.

b: Pick a lighter shade than your skin.

c: Always check the shade of the concealer in natural light.

d: Apply concealer with your ring finger very gently.

You need to stop applying concealer harshly with your fingers because this habit is harming your under-eye skin. First of all, never rub the concealer, just make a V-line under your eyes and dab it nicely to conceal your dark circles.

If you need to reduce the redness then you should buy a color-correcting green primer that will hide any redness on your face. This color-correcting technique works wonders to tone down redness and give you an even foundation base. With this technique, you can hide any redness on your face and even tone down redness caused by inflamed pimples or rosacea.

What concealer color is needed to hide veins in the under-eye area?

Each of us has something we wish to conceal due to our imperfections, it’s human nature. One such thing is the veins under our eyes (usually purplish-blue or green), which you can cover by canceling that color out. To neutralize the color of your veins, use a yellow concealer

If you have any blemish with a purple tone, use a yellow color-correcting concealer. Yellow spot concealers can also cover bruises, veins, and dark circles under your eyes. Yellow color correctors are ideal for people with medium-dark skin tones. 

What’s the reason for using peach and pink concealers to cover under eyes?

Using peach color correctors helps correct blue and purple-ish under-eye circles, as well as dark spots caused by aging or sun damage. Peach is perfect for covering less-pigmented blue blemishes. A peach color corrector can be used for covering hyperpigmentation on lighter skin tones.

While yellow and mild green colors are neutralized by pink hues. Using a pink concealer will brighten olive, sallow skin. Pink concealers are usually salmon or peach in tone and are a blend of red, orange, and yellow pigments.

In light skin tones, pink concealer hides dark circles by combining red, orange, and yellow pigments. This concealer works best in hiding dark circles around the eyes.

Why do we buy a purple shade concealer?

Purple concealers and primers are ideal if you have any sallow tones or yellow discolorations in your skin. purple shade concealer even out the skin tone, improving its appearance and counteracting wrinkles. Additionally, if you have olive-toned skin, purple concealers will brighten up your complexion in a natural and beautiful way. 

How to choose concealer shade online?

The concealer is either used to cover blemishes and other skin discolorations or to brighten the undereye area.

Finding the correct shade online is easier if the concealer is from the same brand/product range as your foundation since brands often use the same shade numbers/names for concealers as they do for foundations (within the same product range).

If you’re looking for concealers from a different brand than your foundation. see the underside of your wrist. Generally, warm skin tones have green veins, cool skin tones have blue veins, and neutral skin is somewhere in between.” Look for foundation and concealer shades that match this tone; the shade description will indicate it or the shade name will start with the letter w, n, or c (to indicate warm, neutral, or cool).


A lighter concealer is used to emphasize certain features or bone structures. The color-correction strategy you use depends on your skin tone and concerns. When it comes to lightning blue-toned spots, it’s best to go for a pale-pink concealer. On medium skin tones, peach concealer neutralizes blue/purple shadows. Conceal dark spots on dark skin tones using an orangey-pink concealer. In general, yellow concealer looks best on olive or tan skin, green concealer looks best on redness, and lavender concealer neutralizes yellow tones.