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Top 10 Male Models With Long Hair

Girls only are not keen on getting longer hair, but men are also sporting longer hair. But long hair does not suit every man. If the hairstyle is according to the size and shape of the face, the men look attractive. Some men like straight hair, some like curly, and some like shaggy. Men mostly like low Maintenance hairstyles ( simple center, bun, and ponytail). Long hair male models are many, but we will shortlist those whose long hairs suit them. Let us give you a list of famous male models with long hair

1. Brock O’ hurn

Brock O’ Hurn is a handsome man with an athletic and well-toned physique. He has lengthy brunette hair with highlights which give his face a hint of color. He is one of the famous male models with long hair.

2. Bram van adricham

Whether its modern side cut or long hairs Bram Van Adricham hairstyle is always inspiring. Long hairs are one of his trendy looks.

3. Ben dahlhaus

His stunning look makes fan's hearts beat. According to BuzzFeed, he is the most handsome guy in the world. He is 25 years old.

4. Johnny Harrington

Johnny Harrington's stunning looks, blue eyes, and thick beard are enough to captivate anybody.

5. Wim de Klerk

Wim de Klerk has frizzly parted sideways, and he also wears eyeglasses. He makes the most of it to stand out.

6. Derek Jaeschke

He is co-founder of alibi coffee company and a model. He is also the businessperson in the list of long hair male models.

7. Patrick Petitjean

He is a french fashion model born in 1984. He has straight hair, decent mustaches, and a beard.

8. Vigo Jonasson's

Despite Vigo Jonasson being a newcomer, his hairdo is becoming more fashionable. He has straight, lengthy brown hair with few waves.

9. Maximiliano Patane

Not very long but his long hair look is very popular because of wavy texture and when they are long they get curls .

10. Maximiliano Patane

He was born on 6 March 1990, and belongs to the Netherlands. He has shoulder length, having a perfect cut.

So here is the list of famous male models with long hair. We hope you like the article and can select the hairstyle from the top 10 long hair male models.