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Best Body Wash For Eczema Adults Dermatologist Recommended

All adults with eczema-prone skin needs a good body wash. But why?

It’s true that your skin-care products, along with cold weather or environmental allergies, can aggravate eczema.

The best body wash sets the stage for healthy, balanced skin. Eliminate pollutants accumulated on the skin which cause inflammation and generate free radicals, which contribute to premature ageing. 

In addition to many other skincare products like creams, moisturizers, etc., there are body wash products that can treat eczema and control itching, rashes, and dryness of the skin. Despite only being in contact with the skin for a short period of time, our long-hour-hunted products are able to condition the skin.

Here are some you must try for this purpose.

1: Curél Itch Defense Calming Body Wash Dry Skin

A fusion of ‘Cue’ and ‘Well’, the brand Curel® was developed for people with dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin by building on Kao’s pioneering ceramide research. With its sensitive skin formula, Curél products were advised by medical specialists as a way to benefit their patients.

Curél Skincare stands out from competing products due to its “cationic technology.” Cationic technology allows the ointment to adhere to dry skin more effectively and leave no greasy residue behind. Curél products still use cationic technology to provide an exceptional non-greasy feeling.

Key points relating to Eczema treatment

  • The National Eczema Association awarded the Seal of Acceptance to Curel Itch Defense Body Wash. People with severe skin conditions, and certainly those with eczema, can use such products for sure.
  • The product contains highly moisturizing olive and jojoba oils that hydrate the skin. 
  • People find it really effective when combining this body wash with Curel® Itch Defense® Body Lotion, which helps prevent dry, itchy skin from forming.
  • Curél Itch Defense Lotion helps rebalance three components of healthy-feeling skin- ceramide levels, pH levels, and moisture levels.
  • With the exclusive Ceramide Complex, Curel moisturizers help replenish ceramides. During this process, the skin’s moisture barrier is repaired, leaving it hydrated and healthy-looking.


Clinically tested to help relieve dry, itchy skin

A soap-free formula

No added fragrance

Suitable for most skin types

Dermatologist tested

Help to repair the moisture barrier


ø Some claim it is extra waxy

2: Dove Irritation Care Body Wash for adults, Sensitive Skin and Eczema-Prone Skin

World-famous skincare brand BRAND wants to redefine beauty standards and create a positive body image for everyone. Dedicated to helping girls build positive self-esteem, the Dove Self-Esteem Project ensures a world free from toxic beauty standards for the next generation. The project is concerned with how products are made and what goes into them.

According to dermatologists, this hypoallergenic body wash cleans gently, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It also has a rich, creamy texture that feels extra luxurious.

Key points relating to Eczema treatment

  • This ultra-gentle, moisturizing body wash from Dove delivers a luxuriously soft, luxurious-feeling cleanse. 
  • It comes in a large bottle with a creamy, silky texture that produces a soft, milky lather when mixed with water.
  • To minimize disruption of the skin’s barrier, Dove used a gentle blend of nondrying surfactants.
  • We noticed that as a result of the emollientrich petrolatum in the body wash, the skin is left feeling soft after it is rinsed off.
  • In addition to strengthening the skin’s protective barrier against moisture loss, skin-replenishing glycerin plays a supporting role in enhancing hydration. 
  • While these ingredients are only in contact with the skin for a short time, they can condition the skin.
  • Furthermore, it has been endorsed by the National Eczema Association as being able to care for skin prone to eczema and redness. 
  • For everyone else Dove’s Irritation Care FragranceFree Nourishing Body Wash is a real winner thanks to its cushiony, creamy cleansing formula!


This creamy, silky lather gently cleanses the skin while producing a soft, milky lather

After use, the skin feels soft and smooth.

Free of fragrance (especially important for rosacea-prone skin).

Suitable for most skin types

Dermatologist tested

The perfect combination of mild surfactants and emollients for sensitive skin


ø Hardly any

3: Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Hand + Body Wash for adults

A wide range of MALIN+GOETZ products is formulated to suit sensitive skin. Amino acids are used in their cleansers to hydrate and purify without drying. Moreover, they produce moisturizers that hydrate intensively without leaving any residue.

Key points relating to Eczema treatment

  • Most people, especially those with sensitive, itchy, or eczema skin, consider this brand to be one of the best. 
  • The presence of hydrating amino acids and glycerin makes this product awesome. As both bind water to the skin, they enhance skin hydration.

Furthermore, there are a variety of appealing scents to choose from, such as bergamot, rum, eucalyptus, lime, and cannabis. Eucalyptus is one of our favorites.



Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive

 For all genders

Minimalist design

Enjoy this sophisticated aromatic foaming bath

Dermatologist tested

Cleanse without over drying


ø Hardly any

4: Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance-Free Body Wash with Oat


Aveeno® is renowned for its transforming products for skin, hair, sun, or baby care. To better understand the human microbiome, AVEENO, the world’s leading skincare company, always looks towards the latest science. Aveeno® scientists are recognized as industry experts on the microbial diversity of both healthy and compromised skin. They always prefer to use natural ingredients that promote skin health.

Key points relating to Eczema treatment

  • Aveeno blends the goodness of nature with the power of science to give your skin a healthy, glowing appearance. 
  • Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash removes dirt, oil, and bacteria gently to relieve dry, itchy skin.
  • As it contains soothing oats, our analysts appreciate the way it nourishes and moisturizes your skin without disrupting its natural moisture barrier. 
  • We recommend using this moisturizing body wash every day since it is allergytested, soap-free, dye-free, and free of soaps.


Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Body Uses

 Soothing oatmeal removes oil, and bacteria to relieve dry and itchy skin

Formulated without dyes or fragrances, so it’s gentle on the skin

It has a pump so it’s easy to apply

Dermatologist-recommended adults body wash for eczema


ø Hardly any

5: The Honest Company Eczema Soothing Therapy Body Wash, 8.0 Fl. Oz

Honest Company’s simple goal is to provide families with safe, effective products. This philosophy guides their innovation. The guiding principles form the basis of all their products.

Key points relating to Eczema treatment

  • With colloidal oatmeal, glycerin, and moisturizing coconut oil, this body wash from The Honest Company is specially formulated for people with eczema. 
  • It is suitable for all ages, including babies, since it has been made to be gentle enough for them. 
  • The Seal of Acceptance guarantees that this item does not contain ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin or eczema-prone skin.
  • Aside from prebiotics, it contains natural ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal and coconut oil. 


A gentle body wash made for eczema-prone skin

It moisturizes, cleans, and soothes skin

Steroid-free, naturally derived ingredients

Hypoallergenic & dermatologist-approved

No fragrances, no petrolatum

Contains coconut and safflower oils, so it won’t dry your skin


ø Not for those who prefer fragrance

5: Cetaphil Restoraderm Pro, Eczema Calming Body Wash, 10 Ounce

For over 70 years, doctors and dermatologists have recommended and trusted Cetaphil, a gentle skincare brand that millions use worldwide to improve their skin’s resilience.
Known for its scent-free lotion and moisturizers, Cetaphil is highly used and well known. Since it is oil-free and does not build up harsh chemicals, it can be used on all types of skin, despite the controversy surrounding parabens.

Key points relating to Eczema treatment

  • This soap-free body wash was recommended by dermatologists and endorsed by the National Eczema Association.
  • Skin that is very dry or stressed responds well to it and even the most sensitive skin can be used daily.
  • Similarly, we recommend that you apply CETAPHIL RESTORADERM Eczema Soothing Moisturizer immediately after bathing.
  • The cleanser provides soothing relief for dry, sensitive skin with a blend of 9 moisturizers and vitamin E.
  • The formulation contains Filaggrin technology, which helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier while leaving it hydrated and feeling healthy.
  • In our experience, it continues to moisturize the skin 24 hours after washing.
  • Apply to wet skin and lather up. Rinse and pat dry. Do not get in your eyes.


A clinically proven method of moisturizing dry skin


Formula with the unique Fillagrin complex to nourish and retain moisture

Gently cleanses and rinses easily

Received the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association and is a dermatologist


ø You may not be happy with its fragrance

What to see in Eczema Body Wash For Adults

Before buying a body wash, you need to consider some important factors. Our top body cleansers for treating eczema were chosen after considering such factors. The following are some of the key features:

  • Checked labels for formulas that contain moisturizing ingredients and products without added fragrances and harsh chemicals.
  • To soothe and moisturize sensitive skin, look for ingredients such as dimethicone, glycerin, and petroleum; in general, the fewer ingredients, the better.
  • You should choose products that have the National Eczema Association’s (NEA) seal when you have dry skin that’s also prone to eczema.
  • If you purchase such products online, ensure that they have been recommended by dermatologists.
  • User reviews and feedback from various websites that sell the products must be considered. 
  • Avoid a body wash that lathers or foams a lot

What dermatologists said about body washes

  • Zenovia Gabriel, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist based in Newport Beach, California, says you should always use a body wash instead of soap. He explains that the body washes hydrate and replenish the skin better than body soaps.
  • Ginger King, a cosmetic chemist, recommends sulfate-free body washes, which she calls “less harsh.” “Coco glucoside [derived from coconut oil] or Sodium Cocoyl glutamate [derived from amino acids] is better,” she says. As well, Ginger advises sensitive-skinned people to “avoid heavily fragranced body washes.” This is because fragrances can comprise many additional components, some of which may irritate.”
  • Ron Robinson, the founder of BeautyStat, recommends body washes infused with soothing, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing ingredients for sensitive skin. Shea butter, green tea, and aloe are examples of each. A good rule of thumb is to avoid sulfates, which can strip skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling and looking dry.
  • A dermatologist in New York City, Dr. Michele Green, recommends CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash for adults due to its fragrance-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic formula, which also includes ceramides and hyaluronic acid.
  • Dr. Green claims that ceramides are vital to protecting and moisturizing the skin, while hyaluronic acid “alleviates dryness by attracting moisture and lubricating the skin.”
  • Dr. Robin Gmyrek, a dermatologist at Park View Laser Dermatology in New York City, advises that for the latter, choosing gentle, soap- and fragrance-free formulas are essential.
  • Instead, she suggests looking for soothing and hydrating ingredients, such as ceramides and colloidal oatmeal. It is also essential to stick to lukewarm water since hot water can further dry out and irritate our skin.

Body wash vs shower gel 



Thinner and runnier

Firmer gel-like consistency – not runny

More hydrating and moisturizing

Less hydrating and moisturizing

Ideal to use in summer and for eczema on the skin.

Not very suitable for winter and eczema porn skin


Not creamy

very dry, sensitive skin should use a moisturizing body wash

For oily or normal skin, shower gel is good

Although shower gels and body washes both clean skins from dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells, shower gels tend to be more aggressive and can cause excessive skin dryness. Typically, body washes are more gentle, resulting in greater hydration.

Gels and washes differ mainly by their consistency. In comparison to liquid hand soap or dish soap, body washes are thinner and runnier. Comparatively, shower gels are usually not runny and have a gel-like consistency.

But ultimately, the content of a product matters more than whether it is called a gel or a wash. When it comes to providing luxurious skin with enticing scents, choosing high-quality formulas like those in Epicuren Discovery’s body care line will be best.

A shower gel is composed of the same ingredients as soap – water, betaines, and SLS – but the main difference is their surfactant compounds (which lower surface tension between substances), which help to remove oily dirt. Surfactants aren’t created by saponification, but by reacting oils or fats with lye.

 Surfactants in shower gels are made from synthetic detergents or from plant-based sources. As a result, the product may also feel less drying to the skin than soap.” Those accustomed to soap might feel less squeaky clean using shower gels.

Using a cleanser that works for you can enhance your beauty routine. There are many cleansers for every skin type, regardless of whether it’s sensitive, dry, or eczema-prone. There is nothing better than washing your body with a body wash that has a silky smooth texture.

It can be challenging to find a body wash that is moisturizing and smells great, but our top choices provide a rich, creamy formula that soothes dry skin. The best products are those that are dermatologist-recommended.

Dermatologists state that this body wash cleans gently, leaving the skin soft and smooth. The texture is creamy and rich, adding to the luxuriant feel.


Q1: How to Use Bodywash

Showering or bathing with body wash is a great way to keep your body clean. To get the best results, choose a body wash without fragrance or sulfates. Apply a small amount of body wash with a washcloth to exfoliate and clean your skin. Moisturizing your skin after you use body wash will keep it soft and hydrated.

Q2: How often should you use body washes for dry skin?

There is no such thing as overusing these—every day or every time you shower.

Q: Why should you avoid body washes that lather or foam a lot?

When you mix a body wash with water, the lathering process can strip your skin’s natural oils and make it very dry. Choose a body wash that does not lather much.