How to cure chapped lips fast

The winter season is great, but can your skin handle it? It seems unlikely. During low humidity levels, the water in your skin tends to evaporate more quickly. This causes your skin to feel tight, dry, and flaky. As your lip does not have oil glands like other parts of your skin, it’s more likely to chap and dry out. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Chapped Lips? 

How do you know if your lips are chapped? These common symptoms will tell you. 

  • Flaking
  • Cracks
  • Scores
  • Swelling Lips
  • Bleeding

Why are my lips always dry and peeling? 

We all get dry lips at certain times of the year. Many factors can cause this, including:

  • The Weather 
  • Sun Damage 
  • A Lip Injury
  • Dehydration 
  •  Hot water
  •  Drug side effects
  • Health conditions

  1.The Weather

It is mostly due to the weather. Lips are fragile and are prone to get chapped no matter what the weather is like – whether it’s cold, hot, or humid. Lips do not produce moisture or oil to adjust to the weather, so they chap.

  1. Sun Damage

The most serious kind of sun damage. Are UV rays capable of damaging your lips as well? Consider buying a lip balm with SPF in the same way you would buy a reliable sunscreen for your skin! Mind you that frequent sun exposure can lead to inflammation of the lips. 

  1. A Lip Injury

Lip injuries can happen when you get blasted in the face, fall flat on your face, or bite your lips. Whatever method you use, you’ll have chapped lips one day.

  1. Dehydration

Your body will show signs of dehydration by developing chapped lips. Dehydration can be caused by vomiting, sweating, diarrhea, and stress. Making sure you drink enough water is up to you. 

5.Hot water

Lips have thinner skin and no sebaceous glands. Consequently, they become dry and sore. By washing your face with boiling water, you can strip your lips of their natural oils, causing them to become drier.

6.Drug side effects

Lips can become dry from antihistamines prescribed for allergies and isotretinoin prescribed for acne. Lips can also become dry and chapped when treated with chemotherapy and lithium for bipolar disorder.

7.Health conditions

An unhealthy gut, low stomach acid, and poor nutrition can all contribute to chapped lips. In order to hydrate its cells, the body will remove water from the remaining part of the body if it is dehydrated. Constipation and dry skin can result from this.

What Is Lip Balm And Why It’s Essential:-

An element similar to wax in Lip Balm protects your lips from dry air, wind, and particularly cold temperatures. 

Winter is a period when chapped lips are common among men and women. The purpose of lip balm is to moisturize and prevent dry lips, cold sores, stomatitis, and angular cheilitis. The packaging is similar to that of lip glosses and lipsticks.

Your lips will stay soft and glossy with a good lip balm.

Types Of Lip Balm:-

Choose from 7 different lip balm types;

.Ti1nted Lip Balm

It works like a lipstick as well as a lip balm.

2.Medicated Lip Balm

Cured lip medicine which is generally recommended by dermatologists.

3.Flavoured Lip Balm

Flavoured lip balm which is lip ointments that are enhanced and scented.

4.Organic Lip Balm 

Organic lip balm is a natural lip analgesic which is produced using natural fixings.

5.CBD or Hemp Oil Lip Balm

CBD or hemp oil lip analgesic which has cancer prevention agent, antioxidant and mitigating properties.

6.Plumping Lip Balm

 Plumping lip analgesic which assists the lips with looking plumper.

7.SPF Lip Balm

SPF lip balm which additionally behaves like a sunscreen for the lips.

Benefits of applying lip balm:-

  • A regular application of lip balm can help fade away hyperpigmentation, dullness, and dark spots on the lips. Lips appear brighter and more even-toned as a result.
  • It’s common to find lip balms that contain a hint of color, which essentially makes your lips look like they’re washed in sheer polish. Adding a tinted lip balm (while keeping your lips moisturized) can give your lips that healthy hue without lipstick.
  • As you use lip balm at night, your pout will be nourished and supple, while your body will be flushed of toxins. Lip balm will protect all the new skin cells.
  • The exfoliation ability of most lip balms makes them a great choice for removing dead skin cells.
  • Protecting your lips from harsh UV rays is one of the benefits of using lip balm. It is common for the lips to become hyperpigmented and dry out if exposed to UV rays continually. By applying lip balm, you will provide that protection and nourish your lips at the same time. 
  • When you use a lip balm regularly, you restore your lips’ natural moisture and nourish them. 

If dry lips start causing serious issues, it may be helpful to discuss this with a medical professional.


  1. What is the fastest way to heal chapped lips?

Make sure you put lip balm on your lips and drink lots of water so that you see instant results. Lips appear brighter and more even-toned as a result.

  1. Can chap lips be healed in a short period of time?

In general, it takes about 2-3 weeks for your lips to heal depending on how dry and damaged they are.  By using lip balm regularly, you nourish your lips and restore their natural moisture soon. 

  1. What are the benefits of coconut oil for chapped lips?

With its moisturizing and sun-protection properties, coconut oil can soothe and heal chapped lips. Lips become less dry and cracked when they’re nourished with them. It contains fatty acids that help seal in moisture.