You are currently viewing Best Eyeshadow Colors Palette For Brown Eyes And Brown Hair – Reviews And Guide

Best Eyeshadow Colors Palette For Brown Eyes And Brown Hair – Reviews And Guide

Have you got brown eyes and brown hair too? Then check out our top-rated Eyeshadow Colors Palette with Ultimate Guide, based on long-hour searches and analysis.

Compared to other eye colors, brown eye-lens are more common worldwide. However, the prevalence of Amber eyes varies significantly by region. In Africa and Asia, most people have dark eyes. 

In the Middle East, dark eyes are common. A range of dark eye lens shades can also be found in Europe.

In the U.S. approximately, 41% of the population has dark eyes – including dark, light, and honey brown eyes. Hazel’s eyes are also more prevalent.

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  • These tips will get you a lot of attention
  • How do you test whether an eyeshadow is good or not?
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 Amazon Rating         4.7/5


Color Shadow           4


 Item Weight         0.1 Ponds 


Long Lasting      4.5/5

Brand    Anastasia Beverly Hills

Item Form      Powder 

Finish Type    Metallic 

Key IngredientsSynthetic Fluorphlogopite, Talc, Mica, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Octyldodecanol, Synthetic Wax, Boron Nitride, Dimethicone, Magnesium Myristate, Caprylyl Glycol

In 2014, ABH launched a new line of color cosmetics and forged relationships with customers that focused on product modeling, artistry, and responsiveness to deliver the impeccably sophisticated look the brand is known for.

Brown is a mixture of all the primary colors, so there are many options for brown eyes. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow kit is an essential enhancement powder palette with 4 enhancement powders in metallic tones and warm bronze.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit is a professional powder enhancement kit with 4 shades of pink that provide an intense shine. With a sophisticated and lightweight formula, each shade of this must-have face makeup collection offers coverage that can be created with a metallic sheen. The 4 shades of this Shine Booster makeup set are perfect for all skin tones and can be used on any area of ​​the face, body, and eyes.

Application: Fold the eyeshadow from this glitter set or use it separately on the face, eyes, lips, and body.


Lasts all day

Adds nice brightness to your makeup

Perfect for all skin tones

Can be used on any area of the body


ø Powdery and chalky

 Amazon Rating         4.7/5


Color Shadow           10


 Item Weight         0.3 Ponds 


Long Lasting      4.1/5


Brand  Haus Laboratories

Item Form      Powder 

Finish Type   Shimmery, Metallic, Matte

Key IngredientsAqua/Water/Eau, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glyceryl Stearate SE,Isonony

Haus Laboratories is a lacto-vegetarian dairy cosmetics brand founded on September 17, 2019, by American singer Lady Gaga. Haus Laboratories products contain no gluten-free ingredients.

Brown eyes are complemented by almost every shade of the color wheel, from green and gold to blue and purple. The cooler the shade you choose, such as blue, gray, or green, the more noticeable your eye color will be.

It’s a ten-tone eyeshadow palette with versatile shades like light peach, rose gold, and cool tones like plum and deep blacks, which goes well with brown eyes and brown hair. An electric shade makes brown eyes pop.

It has a shimmery, metallic, and matte finish that goes perfectly with the transformation. The colors in this palette will suit everyone’s skin tones. The price is ideal, although the range is small, the cans are quite large. The colors look simple but are special.

Application method: Apply with a mixing brush. Control the intensity by mixing or combining them for a sheer effect. Accentuate the look by adding shimmery, shimmery shadows to other parts of the face.



Vegan cosmetic brand

Universal shades go perfect with every skin tone people

Reasonable price

Shimmery, Metallic, Matte, all in one palette

Suitable for all skin type


ø Not pigmented enough

 Amazon Rating        5.5/5

Color Shadow           12

 Item Weight         1 Ponds 

Long Lasting      4.1/5

Brand    Xtreme Lashes

Item Form      Stick

Finish Type  Satin, Matte

Key IngredientsVitamin C, Vitamin E and Ceramides.

Yes, item farm is stick, but as an excellent alternative for an eyeshadow palette, you can try this too. Founded in 2005 by RN Joe Mousselli, Xtreme Lashes is the world’s most trusted company in semi-permanent eyelash extensions, skincare, and cosmetic eyelash extension products.

Xtreme Lashes Glide Shadow is a smooth, crumbly formula, accessible in 11 widespread shades, matte and satin finishes, containing purple, brown, copper, pink, and more that you can use to brighten your brown eyes.

You can also use it as an eyeliner, base, highlighter, and outline tool. Use the variety of colors and textures available to create your combinations for a classic daytime look or a dramatic nighttime look.

GlideShadow not only enhances your beauty but also takes care of your skin. GlideShadow is enriched with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Ceramides to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin so it looks its best.

How to use: For accumulation, apply directly to the eyelids and mix with your finger or brush.


Creamy texture

Removes effortlessly

More color options

Reasonable price

Enriched with vitamins

Nourish your skin


ø Hardly any 

 Amazon Rating        4.6/5

Color Shadow           9

 Item Weight         3.98 Ounce 

Long Lasting      4.8/5

Brand   Doctor

Item Form      Powder

Finish Type      Glitter

Key Ingredients: Mica,Synthetic Fluorphlogopite,Talc,Dimethicone,Octyl Palmitate,Magnesium, Stearate.

Docolor is an exclusive online makeup shop that has been around for over 30 years. The company specializes in making makeup brushes and produces 600,000 brushes a month, which are handcrafted to ensure high quality. Other than that they have their makeup line as well.

Docolor’s Blue Gemstone palette is versatile and easy to use. This palette offers endless possibilities and encourages you to experiment, empower yourself, and express yourself the way you want. Let your eyes shine like a blue gem and as it is said that electric shades of blue can make your brown eye color pop so this palette is perfect for people with brown eyes.

It has nine amazing shades. The easytomix formula offers a wide selection of velvety, highly pigmented powders that can be easily applied to the eyes. It’s also waterproof for a long time, so your pretty eyes can stay that way all day long.

How to use: Apply directly to the eyelids and mix with your finger or brush.



Removes effortlessly

Water Proof 

Reasonable price

Adds nice brightness to your makeup

Perfect for all skin tones


ø Slight chalky

 Amazon Rating        4.7/5


Color Shadow           9


Item Weight    0.02 Pounds 


Long Lasting      4.8/5


Brand  Huda Beauty

Item Form      Powder

Finish Type   Glitter, shimmery


Huda Beauty cosmetic line was launched in 2013 by prized blogger Huda Kattan. Huda Beauty is one of the renowned cosmetic brands in the world.

The Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette offers a colour that crumples readily over the eyes, creating a blendable beautiful and highly pigmented texture over your eyes.

Each Huda Beauty Obsessions palette has nine highly pigmented matte tones and glossy highlights with amazing smooth texture. Emerald is available in six duochrome and three matte tones in glamorous shades of olive, pine, and gold.

How to use: Gently blend the shadows with darker tones in the crease and lighter tones along with the eyebrows and inner corners of the eyes. Using a blending brush or eyeliner, apply one of the darker shades along the upper and lower lash line. Apply the shimmery eyeshadow to the center of the eyelid with the ring finger or the eyeshadow brushes setting spray for extra glamor.


Superior quality makeup

Power packing color palette

Smooth texture


Removes effortlessly

Perfect for all skin tones

Adds nice brightness to your makeup


ø Expensive 

 Amazon Rating        4.6/5

Color Shadow           8

 Item Weight             0.15 Pounds 

Long Lasting             4.5/5

Brand  LORAC

Item Form      Powder

Finish Type    Mate 

Key Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Boron Nitride, Silica, Zinc Stearate, Dimethicone, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Ethylhexyl Palmitate, 

Lorac, a professional cosmetics brand founded in 1995 by renowned makeup artist Carol Shaw. It has undergone significant changes since then, since it was acquired by Markwins Beauty Brands in June 2018. LORAC Pro Eyeshadow makes it easy to mix and apply without overstretching.

The LORAC Pro Matte Palette contains 8 matte eyeshadow for smoothing, blending, and defining your brown eyes. A soft, velvety eyeshadow enriched with soothing vegetables and ultra-pigmented for wet or dry make-up.

It’s formulated with gentle, soothing ingredients to help achieve professional performance without compromising skin health or other negative side effects.

How to use: Apply directly to the eyelids and mix with your finger or brush.


Reasonable price

Nourish your skin

Removes effortlessly

Perfect for all skin tones

Adds nice brightness to your makeup


ø Hardly any

Benefits of having dark brown eyes

  • Amber eyes are associated with some health benefits, as you will find out if you have them.
  • There may be a lower risk of certain diseases for those with dark lenses. According to studies, people with amber eye-aperture are less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration than people with light-colored eyes.
  • Furthermore, brown-eyed individuals have a lower risk of type 1 diabetes and melanoma of the eye than individuals with light blue eyes.

The news is not all good for people with dark eye-lens. Research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh discovered that mothers with dark-colored eyes experience more pain during delivery. Furthermore, women with lighter eyes reported less anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, and sleep disturbances than women with dark eyes.

According to a study conducted in Australia, people with dark lenses were more likely to develop cataracts (clouding of the lens of your eye). In case you have amber eyes, be sure to wear sunglasses that block UV radiation outdoors. Polarized sunglasses provide the best protection from the sun in most cases.

Eyeshadow that pops up the Dark brown eyes and Brown Hair

Brown is a combination of all primary hues, therefore can go with all shades. What are the eyeshadow colors for dark brown eyes that stand out?

All shades of blue and green look enchanting. Not only that, but the soft contrast of purple also creates a more awake appearance.

Shades that compliment dark lenses include green, gold, purple, blue, and many more. Cool shades such as blue or green will highlight your lens.

What colors to choose for light brown eyes and brown hair? 

Pink, purple, or blue is the best eyeshadow palette for light brown eyes, while earthy tones like greens or golden shimmers will bring out the amber, making them appear lighter. 

If you like metallic eyeliner, choose a gold or bronze shade. You can make your eyelids stand out more by using these shades.

Cobalt blue, turquoise, and teal shades instantly brighten the rich amber. If you pair coppery golden tones with a neutral base, they’re great for enhancing the color. 

What are the contrasting shades for fair skin and brown eyes? 

Bronze, copper, and gold eyeshadows are the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes and fair skin. While gold may seem like a statement color, it’s not as intimidating as you may think.

In contrast, earthy tones such as greens or golden shimmers will bring out the amber, making them appear lighter. Pink, purple, and blue will enhance the amber, while green and purple shades will make them appear more orange. 

You can also use gold and bronze metallic eyeliners. 

Teal, burgundy, rose gold, and bronze eyeshadow hues can complement dark eyeballs better. Making the charming shade of your eyeballs stand out requires a contrasting eyeshadow. Blue contrasts the red and orange color families, so it works wonders. 

Combining dark eyeliner with the lighter shadow is also a great makeup tip for Amber lenses. If you have dark coffee-colored eye lenses, you should choose eyeshadow from medium to dark. Rich grays, plums, and dark greens are all great colors.

These tips will get you a lot of attention

  1. Always use the primer before makeup. 
  2. The metallic shades show off those beautiful browns and highlight your eyes.
  3. Shades of nature like blue, green, pinks will help you look more vibrant.
  4.  Make concealers your best friend. It will provide the base underneath makeup.
  5. Try to use light shades with dark liners.
  6. The blueliner on the lower lid looks astonishing.
  7. Try to use the highlighter one shade lighter than your skin.
  8. The purple liner changes the makeup game.
  9. Matte shades give more warmth than glitter ones.
  10. Black eyeliner on the eyelid looks so classy. 

How do you test whether an eyeshadow is good or not?

A solid shade selection and checking the quality of the eyeshadow base on the several factors mentioned below

  • You might think a bold shade makes a palette look vibrant, but don’t be fooled just by the color. A striking magenta or deep brown in the box does not mean the tint will appear that way when applied to the eyelid. Test the pigment by swiping it onto your wrist with your finger. A single swipe can help in determining the depth of color. On your wrist, it may not show up, and on your eyelids might not either.
  •  You should look for a palette with shades to cover: your brow bone, crease, and lid. It is impossible to complete a look with a palette that does not offer options for all three. Multi-shades color families are a bonus. Thus, if you want to go for a green look, you have different options to choose from to enhance the overall appearance. In a palette also look for lighter and dark shades of the same color. 
  • It’s easy to tell if a tint holds up on your wrist by swiping your finger across the tester eyeshadow display at Sephora. Whenever the color in the pan matches the shade on the eye and the shadow appears solid and not super sheer, it’s the sign of the pigmented shadow.
  • You can read online reviews before buying a product if you cannot test it beforehand. Youtube is a great source where you can find many tutorials of eye-makeup. It will allow you to determine what problems other people had with their shadow. Does their shadow look dull in color on their eyelids, fade as the day goes on, or flake off? Low-quality shadows exhibit all of these above-mentioned characteristics. 
  • Consumers should check the ingredients list of products they plan to use against the FDA’s list of approved hue pigments, which also specifies the exact use of ingredients and their harmfulness. 

Brown eyes And hair makeup step by step

  • As a starting point, consider your eye color.
  • Consider Your Makeup Choices. How many layers of makeup do you want? You want to stay simple or to create a glam look.
  • A primer always makes eyeshadows look better, so that’s another thing to keep in mind! The primer will prevent shadows from getting oily and getting stuck in the crease of the eye. Additionally, these will ensure the eyeshadow lasts for hours without fading and help the shade look bolder and brighter.
  • Find out how versatile your ideal palette is.
  • Choose the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes and olive skin. It’s tempting to buy the popping color palette. Popping color palettes with some browns and blues can be an excellent choice.


The brown shade goes with practically every color. You can select any eyeshadow colors palette for your brown eyes plus brown hair and look much better.

You can use makeup to draw attention to your dark lenses and make them appear larger. The way you apply your makeup matters a lot. There are a few tricks that enhance the natural beauty of brown and dark eyes when applying makeup. Make sure you’re using the right color of eyeliner and shadow to get the most out of your look. The following ten makeup tips will help you enhance your brown eyes.s


What colors do not look much better on brown eyes?

Golden browns are warm colors that clash with cool skin tones, so avoid them. Orange tints may not suit your cool-tone. 

How to choose the best eyeliner color for brown eyes?

 Midnight blue, green and Amber tones emphasize the light flecks in brown eyes. Consequently, earthy browns are always the best choice.

Consider just lining the water lines if you do not want too much color. The effect of dark blue is similar to black but less pronounced.

What mascara color makes the eyes pop up?

A mascara that brings out the warm undertones of  eyes looks excellent. You can bring out the color of  lenses if you use mascara with a cool undertone. Purple is perfect for this, but we love Black Cherry. The deep violet color is exceptionally pigmented and will instantly lift and brighten the eyelid.

How much to invest in eye shadows?

You can create the look with one palette containing a few metallic, blues, pinks, turquoise green, browns, or smoky.

Do we buy online or from stores? 

You should buy from makeup stores because in person you can better get the idea about the quality of eyeshadow. Online shopping can result in wasting money.